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Chef • Entrepreneur

Hi 👋 ,

I’m Sicily Sierra

Mom, Wife, Chef, and Founder/Culinary Coach for The Sandwich Ministry Where I teach you the principles of cooking through the simplicity of sandwiches

Culinary Intern

I am a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef

I started my career with a double internship at the LA Times Test Kitchen

My First Restaurant

click the image to read about my time at the LA Times Test Kitchen

We went on to cooking my way through the food truck scene in LA and then move to The Bay Area and joined La Cocina - a culinary incubator (with my mum) -

I went onto open my first brick and mortar on Cal’s Campus in Berkeley California called Pinky and Red’s

(Because my hair was red and her hair was pink).

We se made full meals on a sandwich

I was also teaching culinary (btw - which was my dream when I graduated culinary school)


And, this would also support me on my next culinary adventure

I would move to NYC while still teaching but I would learn that I would out grow that space



while in NYC I would work as the executive chef open a very short lived restaurant that shall remain nameless

but I made gorgeous food

Hot Sauce

Then the pandemic happened

And I started a CPG Company - which was an extension of my cooking school/shop dream

Insert image

But because of poor relationship choices I was focused to close my delicious business.


So I went back to the things that I knew best

Sandwiches - Teaching - Sunday Dinners - and building community

So I launched The Sandwich Ministry - Where I teach you the principles of cooking through the simplicity of sandwiches

And, that’s what I did every Sunday (with my kids - live from our kitchen)


It’s a family Affair

But, life took a unexpected turn…..

The Kids and I moved south

Madison… oh that’s right, you may not know the crew!


This is Madison, my oldest - she is wildly smart, she loves romance novels but doesn’t believe in IRL - she made the Freshman honor society and is currently running for student council (which is the whole reason we moved south - to support her academic career!)


Now, you’ve met the kids and we moved south.

Then there is Marlee - my youngest - who is overly kind, loves stem, building, and taking things apart. Anything they can create with their hands - they are going to do it and their room is always a mess for it. But, they are really good at fencing

They want to go to the NCAA, the Olympics, and Duke for fencing

Oh! And, I got married

Chef Melanie

This is Melanie - who is also a really badass chef who ran restaurants in Sonoma California

And, left all that behind to join our rag tag crew of a family.

So, now you know how I got here!

And, while everything has been going great - life or mercury in retrograde or something came at me kinda fast. And, I found out that a have some pesky tumor and they are getting evicted this summer ‘23


So, I will be resting and dreaming up what’s next for me and the sandwich ministry.

I am excited for what lies ahead and to get back in the kitchen!